For a pink and festive Spanish table, go to...

Written by on 5 November 2019

For a pink and festive Spanish table, go to "Chez Marie" ( and trust the members of BNBLiege!
On the menu :
 melon/ham, olives, cherry tomatoes, doritos, dried fruit,
 grape/cheese babybrochettes,...
The aperitif is taken in Marie’s garden, rocked by the soft sound of the lapping of her lake... and animated by conversations about our little and big anecdotes and adventures of Liège bed and breakfast managers!
Fall back to the dining room, a cool evening on August is here that everyone’s creativity is expressed:
 spring rolls with beef and crispy vegetables;
 Salad of avocados/grenades/chickpeas;
 Mozzarella tomatoes revisited with melon/wasermelon;
 Lentil salad with spices;
 Mushroom quiche and ham/onion quiche;
 Chocolate mousse with chickpea juice;
 Choice of ice cream;
 Fruit clafoutis....
All this is accompanied by red and rosé wines, a little water for a clear conscience and finally an infusion of rosemary prepared with great finesse by our hostess!
We did not only taste, the exchanges on the topics on the agenda were nourished and effective...

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